Why You Should Use Bitcoin For Your Online Gambling

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It’s a very common misconception that online casinos have incorporated cryptocurrencies into their games in order to participate in illegal activities, however this allegation couldn’t be more wrong. With Bitcoin becoming more apparent in online casinos across the globe, you have access to a range of extensive games such as the bitcoin dice game, as well as a more secure network and more fruitful payment methods. If you’re interested about why you should start using Bitcoin for your online gambling, find all of the relevant information below.


Digital transactions have become the norm in today’s society, however that doesn’t mean that they’re the most secure. When using Bitcoin in your favourite online casino, you can rest assured that you can keep your details private, providing that you avoid online wallets, and protect your private keys with impenetrable passwords. When casinos use PayPal payment methods for example, and the website gets hacked, all of your credit card details will be accessible alongside other key information. Instead, with Bitcoin, you can gamble knowing that your personal details are secure.

Instant Payments

Once you’ve won the ultimate jackpot, the last thing you want to do is wait a prolonged period of time to actually see the figure grace your bank account. Luckily, with Bitcoin payments, you don’t need to endure the lengthy payment durations. Instead, Bitcoin payments are incredibly fast, with the majority of payments being verified and confirmed within a matter of minutes. Withdrawals aren’t the only usual issue however, as deposits can take time to be confirmed as well, but once again, bitcoin casinos dramatically reduce the waiting time. Even in the worst case scenario, your deposit or withdrawal will appear on the same day.

Avoid Withdrawal Fees

It’s common for a conventional online casino to charge you for your withdrawals, and while these costs might not seem an issue at the time, you’d be surprised at how fast those fees can accumulate. For those who didn’t know, Bitcoin is decentralised, meaning that there’s no central authority controlling the cryptocurrency. Instead, the entire ledger is available for the public, meaning that no governing body is able to charge users for a transaction. Usually, the only fee that you might encounter is a nominal transaction fee charged to encourage Bitcoin miners, however this is still considerably lower than the traditional fees.


When using a traditional online casino, you’ll often find that you’ll need to register before you make any deposits and play their games, including entering bank account and credit card details. This is completely unnecessary when using bitcoin within a casino, as the digital currency will protect your personal information – how? By not even requesting it! The Bitcoin protocol allows one party to complete a transaction with a second party anywhere in the world, without the need to disclose their personal information. Therefore, you can keep all of your transactions completely private, and avoid the hassle and confusion that can come with registering for a site. Plus, as previously mentioned, it ensures that none of your personal information is passed into the wrong hands.

Several industries have now embraced the revolutionary trend that is Bitcoin, however the gambling industry is undoubtedly amongst the most effected. The games available in Bitcoin casinos are innovative, fun, and hassle-free, and with the added peace of mind that all of your private details will remain private, there isn’t a better alternative.


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