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Evidently, successful betting mechanisms are not accessible to ordinary players of web-based games, simply because anyone who has some knowledge of the given technologies would not believe that Random Number Generators used by gaming providers can be outshined by some wagering systems. This is majorly explained by the probability of winning, which is close to null against the powers of the accidental generation of numbers. Still, there is a small number of betting systems that prove to be highly popular with online slot spinners of all types, even though not many of us believe in such magic. This is because real money slot machines are designed in such a way as to give casinos greater advantage over players in order to prevent too many instances of gamblers winning huge monetary prizes.

Let’s discuss some of the most prominent betting mechanisms of all times that are used by gambling experts up to these days.

Martingale System

This is probably the most widely recognized system of present days, largely because it can be utilized for various forms of gambling activities, including roulette and other casino games as well as sport betting and obviously online slots. The mechanism is quite simplistic – after each loss, simply double your stake and eventually you’ll win more than you have put at stake.

Nonetheless, there is one significant hazard associated with the usage of this mechanism. What if you are left with no money to place at stake anymore? For instance, you could start from one dollar per spin – what will you do if you experience a loss five times consecutively? The spins will eventually reach immeasurable value and there will come a moment when you will no longer be able to place any money at stake. For how long can you keep spinning? You’ll be placing huge sums of cash for the sake of hitting a prize of one dollar. This is obviously quite a risky venture and even if you still win one dollar, you might end up being in much greater trouble than you were before.

Martingale system belongs to the category of negative progressive mechanisms of placing wagers, which does not have too many spheres of application and cannot guarantee an absolute victory.

Reverse Labouchere System

This is an opposite type of a betting system by contrast to the one described previously. This mechanism refers to the category of positive progressive systems of wagering. It is suggested by some that it is more advantageous to use this type of system instead of the negative one, simply because it does not cause too perceptible harm.

However, you need to be aware of the fact that using this mechanism does not mean that you’ll win 100%. In fact, if you choose to place 10 dollars when playing a video slot and turn out to lose the game, you’ll have to decrease your next wager instead of increasing it. On the reverse side, if you turn out to be lucky enough and come out victorious, you’ll be obliged to raise your wager according to this mechanism of play.

The theory goes that this type of a system will help you maximize your revenue given that you will be experiencing a row of consecutive wins. Above all, it is suggested by some that using this system allows cutting down your losses, so you’ll have greater probability of winning rather than losing. Overall, it seems quite promising, but no one gives your foolproof guarantees, so you still need to consider the hazards associated with these systems in the first place.

Final thoughts

It is true that most systems of betting used while playing online slots are quite easy to keep track of and maintain your progress while you are spinning the reels. There are negative and positive systems of betting, two of which have been analyzed above. We may only conclude that although too many people believe they can win huge sums of cash with the help of these mechanisms, it is not always true to life. The truth is that wagering systems do not work well in the long-term perspective, but they still may help you grab some monetary prizes within a short period of time. There are also no guarantees here, so you should not consider these systems as foolproof ways to hit a jackpot.


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