Top 3 Online Roulette Strategies

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As online roulette continues to grow, players from all over the world are heading online to enjoy games.

Whether you want to play live roulette or classic online roulette, the varieties are seemingly endless. You can enjoy roulette from the comfort of your own home without sacrificing any of the excitement or thrills of the casino environment.

Many newcomers to online roulette wonder if there is not a better way to play this seemingly random game. After all, it does sometimes seem that certain players are better at it than others! Well, the truth is that there are indeed some strategies that you can use to become more successful at this immensely popular game.

In this article, we will take a look at the top three online roulette strategies, starting with the oldest and most time-tested before finally arriving at the most modern strategy of them all.

Let’s get started with a look at The Martingale, the most classic roulette strategy of them all.

The Martingale online roulette strategy

By far the world’s best-known strategy, the Martingale has been employed by players for decades. The premise is very simple indeed and the only thing that successful use of this takes is nerves of steel!

Basically, the Martingale online roulette strategy states that you should double your stake every time you lose. Now, you can surely imagine how this can be a test of nerve for even the most experienced player! If you lose, double down. If you lose again, double down again until you win. The idea here is that you will win eventually and recoup your lost funds and then some.

Of course, most online casinos defend themselves against Martingale by putting a limit on the maximum stake. With that said, if you can get in and out fast, the Martingale online roulette strategy could be your ticket to a jackpot win!

The Double-up online roulette strategy

The second roulette strategy on our list is even easier to grasp than the first. Why? Because it is essentially just a reversal of the Martingale. The Double-up states that players should double their stake every time they win, not lose. The logic being that you need to maximize any win that comes your way! Again, this takes some nerve and, when you inevitably lose, things can get sticky!

When you lose, the Double-up states that you should drop back down to your original stake to minimize losses.

The D’alembert online roulette strategy

The third and final online roulette strategy in our rundown is the D’Alembert strategy. With this strategy, the rules state that when you lose, you must wager more on the next spin. If you win, then you bet less!

Yes, it might sound counter-intuitive and exponents of the Double-up will have you believe as much. However, this online roulette strategy is based on a rigorous mathematical idea that the outcome of each spin is directly related to the last one. Again, you’ll need to hold your nerve and get out of there fast for this to work!

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