My 5 Most Memorable Bets

in category: Footballby BKFootball on 21 Mar 2020

With some time on my hands I thought I would start writing some daily blogs. Just some ramblings about betting really. Whether or not they will be of interet to you, I don’t know, but they will keep me sane during this f****d up time.

Today’s blog is my 5 most memorable bets. Not necessarily the ones which won me the most money, but those that stick in my mind when I think about my 20+ years of betting.

#5 Jon Daly to win the Open Championship - 10/1

1995. I was 15. This was the weekend my life would change forever. My old man had been watching the golf on the beeb and Daly was sitting top of the leaderboard after 2 Rounds. I think it was his long driving that caught my dad’s eye as he rarely placed a bet.

But that Saturday morning he popped down the local bookies before opening his bookshop and put £10 on Daly at 10/1. The mistake he made was putting an extra £1 on for me.

We spent the Sunday afternoon watching the action unfold. You may recall Rocca holing that ridiculous shot on the last to force a playoff. Perhaps it was the rollercoaster of emotions that intrigued me so much. Or the fact £10 to a 15 year old back them seemed like a lot of money. 

Either way, that bet had me hooked.

#4 MVG to win the World Grand Prix - 40/1

MVG burst onto the scene as a 17 year old, winning the World Masters. But his early years in the PDC were tough. It wasn’t until his early 20s he started to show his true potential. 

He went into the World Grand Prix in 2012 playing some of the best darts of his career. With Taylor struggling I was amazed to get odds of 40/1. I had £30 on the nose. I tipped it on the site too.

I remember the final well. It was a Sunday evening and the ex-wife had invited her friends round for dinner. Seriously? No wonder we are no longer together. If my memory serves me correctly MVG trailed 1-3 or 1-4 in sets in a race to 6 against Merv King.

It was at that point the call from the kitchen arrived. Dinner was ready. I paused the Sky + and spent the next agonising 30 minutes trying to make small talk, when all I wanted to do was watch the f*****g darts.

When we finally got back into the living room we were watching the final on a 45 minute delay. Not easy when you’ve got potential winnings of £1200. One of my wifes friends did the unthinkable. They looked up the final score whilst I was still catching up. I invite you to my house for dinner and this is how you behave? You absolute nobhead!! No doubt he ones of the twats with 20 packs of toilet roll stashed in his loft.

He kept quiet to be fair and MVG fought his way back to land me that £1200. One of my finest ever bets. MVG has been the favourite for most tournaments he’s played since that Sunday.

#3 Charl Schwartzel to win the US Masters - 40/1

This sticks with me for a number of reasons. Firstly the fact it was one of my first few golf tips on Betting Kingdom.

But it was more the fact it was an all or nothing bet. I’m not a fan of laying bets. I had £30 on Schwartzel at 40/1 on the exchange. If anyone remembers that final day he never really looked like winning.

A crazy chip in at the first, a packed leaderboard on the back 9 and to my knowledge he became the first ever champion to birdie the final 4 holes. How’s your luck? On that day it was certainly in!! Another £1200 in the coffers and a final round at Augusta I will never forget.

#2 Ron Vlaar to win MOTM at Anfield - 50/1

How many of you recall the tipster Footy? His name was Rob Banner. He had a spell of tipping on the MOTM market where he absolutely destroyed the bookies. Being the glory hunter I am I like to take a bit of credit for this winner. Rob did actually say it was reading my tip for Villa to win that day that gave him the idea.

Vlaar was having an injury hit season, but whenever he played, Villa’s results were much better as it highlights in the tip. That just shows the importance of knowing players rather than relying purely on stats.

Villa actually led 2-0 in that game so I thought my 16/1 tip was going to land. It finished 2-2 and when the cameras zoomed in on Vlaar just before the Man of the Match was announced my eyes lit up. I’d followed Rob’s advice and stuck a tenner on him at 50/1. Happy days. 

#1 Colin Lloyd to beat Wayne Mardle - 13/8

Why is a 13/8 shot top of this list? Because it lost and I had £500 on it.


At the time I was living with my folks, working for about £5 an hour and had £1300 in my savings account. I was getting carried away with my betting. Colin Lloyd was the World Number 1, albeit from his results on the floor events (this is darts in case you were wondering) and I believed Mardle was over rated as a result of his on stage antics and crowd support.

To this day I'm still convinced it was a good bet. Lloyd should have been the favourite. When he took a 3-1 lead in sets, in a race to 4, he certainly was the favourite. I remember considering laying my bet off as the coverage went to adverts. But back in those days PC’s were slow and the likelihood of my dial up connecting in time for me to cover my bet were unlikely. Plus I convinced myself he was going to win. After all he only needed 1 more set.

He didn’t. 

I’ll never forget laying on the living room floor with my head in my hands and my dad asking, so how much did you have on it son? Naturally I lied. Sorry dad. But then I guess it was his fault I started betting in the first place.

It was a turning point for me. I realised risking such a large chunk of my balance was completely irresponsible, I dropped my stakes and my gambling has been under control ever since. Crikey these days you won’t even see me betting £50, let alone £500.

If you have any memorable bets you would like to share then please comment below. I would love to hear them.


good read. the #1 is good. very happy for you that you learned your lesson and that it never got out of hands for you.
pitboss   said on  Friday 15th May 17:03
I was on Hasan at 50s albeit reduced stake. Not really a big cricket fan and that's why the bets don't really stick in my memory. As for Corey Conners. I went to bed after he made a couple of bogeys and didn't see his back 9 birdie blitz. Was surprised to wake up and see he had won.
BKFootball   said on  Sunday 22nd March 10:38
Curious to see if any of the ones I didn't select here brought more pleasure to members of BK. Best personal bet of the year Harmer MoM 20/1 t20 blast final, not tipped as I was sulking over Duckett losing in the Semi, missed the ball when needing 1 to win the match and my bet. Harmer went 2,4,4 off the last 3 balls of the match to win it having taken 3 wickets.
DRS   said on  Saturday 21st March 14:47
My Most memorable bets here on BK 1. Rashid Khan MoM 16/1 never been that price before or since. 2. Jadeja Top bat v England 40/1, got there with India 9 down after a dropped catch 3. Mahedi Hasan Top bat 50/1 and 4x batsman 4+ 4s at 66/1 both near misses on the same morning earlier this year. 4. Samuel Badree top tournament bowler world T20 at 66/1, a dropped catch away from a full payout 5. Big Bash last year Rashid 16/1 Bravo 33/1, tied 1st place. Both tipped by me.
DRS   said on  Saturday 21st March 14:37
Most memorable for me simon was Corey conners to win the Texas open. 200/1 you tipped it at almost a year ago today. I had a 5er each way and at the time that was the biggest sports betting win of my life. The way he won it was pretty special too - blowing a 4 shot lead and then clawing it back. I trusted the site and decided to reinvest the winnings from that. I started to do my own golf modelling, back a few tipsters on here and elsewhere and take value from casino offers/ promotions. 1 year later I’ve withdrew over £5k and still got over £10k in balances so thanks for starting me off on that extremely profitable journey!
Joseph Clarke   said on  Saturday 21st March 13:08
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