Which sports betting apps are the best?

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The surging popularity of sports betting is indissolubly linked to the advent of mobile devices and online gambling. Today, anyone can place a bet on dozens of sports and hundreds of markets, using the tablet or smartphone. These devices take convenience to the next level and make it more exciting to bet in real-time, since one can do it straight from the venue. Online bookmakers were quick to respond and have developed dedicated mobile apps that players can download for free on their handheld gadgets.

What Makes a Sports Betting App Good?

Some bookmakers chose to invest in mobile-friendly websites that load quickly on smartphones and tablets, to encourage players to bet on the move. The best ones, however, went a step further and have developed dedicated mobile apps for players to download for free. These help improve brand recognition and develop loyalty, since punters are more inclined to use a specialized app for betting. There is no shortage of such applications, so the question is how to find the best one for the job?

For starters, a quality sports betting app needs to be compatible with all popular operating systems, such as iOS, Android and Windows. Bookmakers who choose to develop an app for one OS or the other miss out on the business brought by punters who use different mobile devices and want to play UK online slots and other side games. It goes without saying that no matter how good an app might be, it is unacceptable for bookmakers to charge even a cent. At the end of the day, they generate revenue indirectly, by encouraging players to bet frequently.

A good sports betting app needs to load quickly even on less powerful devices, without consuming a lot of resources. Furthermore, punters shouldn’t have to wait for too long to download the application on their gadget of choice. In the wake of Google changing its policy to allow gambling apps on Google Play, Android users can now download most sports betting apps there. Having said this, the bookmaker must make sure that the app is also available on its official website, to avoid any confusion.

Bet365 Sports App is Probably the Best

Punters have different expectations from sports betting apps, so it is impossible to come up with a program that is universally accepted as the best. There are however a couple of reasons for why bet365 Sports is likely to have the strongest app, one that is easy to recommend to sports betting fans. It runs smoothly on all operating systems and it can be downloaded for free on any smartphone or tablet.

Once installed on a smartphone or tablet, the specialized app is perfect for betting on dozens of sports and supports live wagering. Bet365 is famous for its comprehensive collection of live betting options and the competitive odds offered. Players can use the app to bet on individual events or add multiple matches on the same betting slip for the sake of bigger odds. It covers special bets, allows players to place Asian handicap wagers and bet tiny amounts, so it is perfect for both veterans and casual punters.

The betting app is also useful when players want to cash out winnings or get in touch with customer support. All these operations are just one tap away, so players don’t even have to log into their accounts on desktop computers to deposit and ask for assistance.


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