Tipster rules

1. Each tip posted must come with key points as to why a punter should back the selection. A minimum of 3 key points must be included to support each tip. Tipsters can't use the exact same key points for more than 1 tip. Tipsters can back the same team/player more than once for the same match, but the maximum stake across these multiple tips is 30.

2. Copying tips from other tipsters or copying and pasting from other sites is forbidden. Posting tips on other competition sites is allowed but any tipster doing this won't be entitled to a monthly bonus.

3. Prizes - for a full list of tipster prizes for 2017 please click here. Any unclaimed cash prizes will be used for website improvements.

4. Tips must has minimum odds of 1.10.

5. It is the tipsters responsibility to check the odds. Don't rely on the odds comparison site, always click through to the bookmaker to check the odds. Tips posted where the odds are incorrect will be deemed as cheating and not tolerated.

6. Tips must be posted at least 45 mins prior to the event starting.

7. Payouts will be made via moneybookers (skrill), paypal or bank transfer. Each month payments will be made automatically using details on record. So if your payment details change at any time please contact admin.

8. Monthly tipster bonuses will be announced in the blog.

9. Any tips which don't follow the rules will be deleted and any tipsters who continues to break the rules will be suspended.

10. Tips based on a bookmaker error in the odds will be voided, this comes down to the discretion of admin.

11. Tips must be singles. Doubles or accumulators are not allowed.

12. Premium Tipsters will be decided by admin and based on profit and the quality of the key points.

13. To win a prize tipsters must meet the minimum requirement of tips per month. Limits vary from one sport to the next. Football (5), Golf (5), Tennis (5), Cricket (5), Rugby Union/League (5), Horse Racing (5), NFL (3), Ice Hockey (3), Basketball (3), Snooker (3), Baseball (3), Other Sports (3), Darts (1), Boxing (1), Aussie Rules (1).

14. Money Back Offers or Free Bets cannot be used in conjunction with tips.

15. Tipsters must use the variable stakes in a sensible manner. Tipsters who’s average stake is more than 20 in any given month will only win half the allotted prize. Tipsters who use Max Stakes for over 50% of their tips in any given month will not win a prize.

Cash Builder. This will be awarded to any tipster who has 6 consecutive months in the Top 10 of the leaderboard, whilst meeting the minimum tip requirements. Each month the Cash Builder isn't won, £50 will be added to the pot. Once the Cash Builder is won, all tipsters reset to 0 months.

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