January Tipster Winners

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A full list of winners from the January tipster competition. Every tipster who made a profit and hit the min number of tips should have won a prize which is good to see.

I've decided the money I won with my own profiles we be reinvested into the prizes for the February Tipster Cash Leagues.

So £125 into Cash League 1 and £50 into Cash League 2. These give all tipsters the chance to compete against the best tipsters straight away and also win a bigger prize.

I will be emailing last months winners to see who wants to get involved but please contact me if you want to enter the Cash Leagues. It's £10 to play. The more tipsters who enter the bigger the prize fund.

This months sponsor are Jetbull, so free bets will be credited into those accounts. Please support the site and open a new account today. If we get the sign ups then attracting new sponsors with better free bets will be easier in the future. It really is up to you.

This weekend they have a price boost for new customers. 4/1 on Atletico Madrid beating Valencia. So if you won a free bet why not claim that offer too. CLICK HERE TO CLAIM THAT PRICE BOOST.

Promotion and Relegation in the Tipster Leagues isn't as straightforward as first hoped due to a lot of inactive tipsters so I would advise checking the leagues and if you think you are in the wrong one please email me.

January Prizes

Tipster Cup

WINNER -  Leg-break £100

Cash League 1

WINNER - KrishTennis - £80

Cash League 2

WINNER - bullseye - £40

League 1

1st - BKDarts - £100
2nd - FirstTD - £75
3rd - BKTennis - £75
4th - Legbreak - £50
5th - TennisPilot - £50
6th - spfltips - £20 Free Bet
7th - DSVolley - £20 Free Bet
8th - nellberg - £10 Free Bet
9th - StatsMach - £10 Free Bet

League 2

1st - KrishTennis - £50
2nd - bullseye - £40
3rd - LuckyLuke - £30
4th - AussieTrev - £20
5th - Dovey - £10
6th - Rushy - £10 Free Bet
7th - BarethGale - £10 Free Bet
8th - Catdog - £10 Free Bet

League 3

1st - Altan - £40
2nd - AMFooty - £25
3rd - Houdini - £15
4th - 3jMCollom - £10 Free Bet
5th - NellMOTM - £10 Free Bet

League 4

1st - £30 - GarfieldC
2nd - £20 - TheGrecian

League 5

1st - OllieJT - £30
2nd - O_Fortuna - £20
3rd - DartzBaz - £10


For those who sent in Jetbull usernames the free bets have been credited (T&Cs on your free bets: https://www.jetbull.com/Sports/freebet) We don't have a sponsor this month I'm afraid. Lack of sign ups putting bookies off. So it's cash prizes only.
Simon Linklater   said on  Monday 26th February 11:26
Prizes for February Cash League 1 already stand at £150 (1st) & £75 (2nd) Tipsters entering are basically backing themselves. See it as a £5 ew bet at odds of 28/1. Given there are only 10 or so entrants so far that's pretty good value.
Simon Linklater   said on  Thursday 1st February 11:08
Help Support Betting Kingdom and keep tips free by opening some new bookmaker accounts today. Thank You