2016 Tipster Competition Prizes

in category: Tipster Newsby Admin on 04 Jan 2016

Last year I messed around with the prize structure, introduced premium tipsters and changed the direction of the site in order to allow way for paid tipsters.

All the changes were there to keep the best tipsters happy and ensure you are rewarded for your efforts.

I'll hold my hands up and say most of the changes probably didn't work and seemed to have a negative effect. But sometimes if you don't try things in life you never know what's best.

So this year there is no messing around. I'm announcing the prizes now. Paid tips is on hold for now due to disappointing figures and less funds to invest. I'll monitor the situation closely over the next few months.To ensure tipster winnings are not limited I will introduce a donate button on profile pages. So if a tipster does win you some money, then please show your gratitude by sending a couple of quid their way.

Jackpot: This is a new addition. A 12 month tipster competition to reward the most consistent tipsters across the year. On the 20th December 2016 the top 3 tipsters will win the following prizes.

1st: £1000
2nd: £500
3rd: £250

That will be the single biggest prize I have paid an individual tipster since the site began. I believe it's a real incentive to the better tipsters to be consistent rather than aiming for the monthly prizes. Again my profiles will compete, although last time I did this, I wasn't even close.

To ensure no-one comes along and lands a big winner late on, there will be a 9 month cut off point where the top 10 tipsters will progress and compete for the prizes over the final 3 months.

Cash Builder: Again this is aimed at the consistent tipsters. The Cash Builder prize starts at £500 and the first month it can be won is the end of June. To win the Cash Builder you need 6 consecutive months of a profit of over +50 and a ROI of 5% or more. You must post a minimum of 5 tips in that month. Due to some sports being seasonal a tipster can announce at the start of the month (within 3 days and before posting a tip) that they wish to skip a month.

From July onwards, every month the cash builder isn't won, £50 will be added to the prize. So if we don't get a winner in 2016, January next year would have a prize of £800. If the target profit/ROI proves too easy or hard I will change it at some stage.

Monthly Prizes: Once again they will be heavily favoured towards the "Premium Tipsters". So those that have proven they can make a profit and have been tipping for longer will be rewarded for that.

You don't have to be in profit to win a prize. My tipster profiles will be competing for prizes. However if I do win a prize and I've made a profit betting that month, I will donate my winnings among the tipsters who have made me money. Punter tracking should be online in the next few weeks so you'll know exactly how much I won or lost each month and which tipsters made me that money.

Premium Tipsters

Other Tipsters






£10 Free Bet

£10 Free Bet
£10 Free Bet
£10 Free Bet
£10 Free Bet
£20 Free Bet
£10 Free Bet
£20 Free Bet12
£10 Free Bet
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£10 Free Bet
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£10 Free Bet


Yes, but it's enough to have 7-8 longshot tipsters who hit some big winners in one month as will happen in this one and it's all over for a small tipster like me. About long term prizes I think it's also impossible to have 6 months in a row with 50+ profit...for me at least. Maybe I will have one good month, maybe two, but from there no chance. I can't win all the time, the betting is not so easy...
Razvan   said on  Monday 15th February 11:11
Hi Razvan. I've structured the monthly prizes so there is very little difference between finishing 2nd and 10th. In terms of the long term prizes I think those making punters the most money should be rewarded the most. It's changed. These "longshot" tipsters you refer too are specialists in their sports. We don't seem to have lots of football tipsters posting big outsiders like before.
Simon Linklater   said on  Monday 15th February 10:36
One good strategy...not be too worried bout the tipping but concentrate more on betting on the long shot tipsters !!:) Now maybe I should take more of my own advice lol :)
AussieTrev   said on  Monday 15th February 10:10
Simon, you think to separate again the long shot tipsters from the short odds tipsters? Of course I'm subjectiv, but the golf, horse racing, cricket tipsters are too good. It's impossible to compete with them.
Razvan   said on  Monday 15th February 09:58
It is not that hard to make 50 profit with 20 or 30 stakes... Just saying
Ardeal   said on  Friday 15th January 07:58
I would predict that won't happen but if it does then it will rollover until the following month and those tipsters will keep battling it out until 1 is left!
Simon Linklater   said on  Friday 15th January 07:50
I jiat read this and have a question... If there are 5 tipsters with over +50 units in the first 6 months... Will they split the cashbuilter in June?? Or jist the best of them will win it:
Ardeal   said on  Friday 15th January 07:47
I've updated the tipster rules page to include the Jackpot Prize and the Cash Builder. Any confusion just let me know.
Simon Linklater   said on  Friday 8th January 11:02
Sounds well worked out to me.
Banner90   said on  Thursday 7th January 20:41
I will update the standings each month (from Feb onwards). I will clarify the rules then. But basically a tipster would have to have posted the monthly minimum tips in 6 of the 12 months to qualify. This would still allow a new tipster to join in June and be eligible.
Simon Linklater   said on  Thursday 7th January 17:50
A monthly post for the cash builder would be good. It'd be interesting to see which tipster are still eligible after this month and then the following month, etc.
Banner90   said on  Thursday 7th January 17:32
Good point. Also will there be tables tracking the jackpot standings and the consistency ones?
DRS   said on  Thursday 7th January 17:24
I must have missed this. The jackpot is a great addition to the site, but should there be a minimum number a tips to be posted each month? I could land a 100/1 winner on my golf account using £10 ew stakes and that may win the top prize straight away?
Banner90   said on  Thursday 7th January 16:35
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