Daily Comp: £42.50 Free Bet: Man United v Hull

in category: Daily Competitionby Admin on 10 Jan 2017

Blimey. £42.50 free bet. That's pretty tasty.

Certainly well worth winning and as they say, you have to be in it, to win it.

Today's question comes from the 1st EFL Cup semi final from Old Trafford.

Predict the correct score and first goalscorer in the Man United v Hull game this evening.

In case of a tie, enter the time of the 1st goal. 0-0 is not an option.

As always you can either enter on the BK Facebook Page or submit your comment below. You must be signed up as a punter to post a comment. It's all free of course.

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2-0 Mata, won on facebook with a tie break prediction of 60 mins.
Simon   said on  Tuesday 10th January 23:00
2-0 ibrahimovic 75 min
mvanja   said on  Tuesday 10th January 20:56
3-1 Pogba 13'
bpClo   said on  Tuesday 10th January 20:00
Antonio Valencia 2-0 60
josie   said on  Tuesday 10th January 19:49
1-1 Snodgrass 60 mins
Accountant   said on  Tuesday 10th January 19:47
1-0 Darmian 40
hugh   said on  Tuesday 10th January 19:46
3-1 Man Utd, Mhkyitaran 25mins
SW   said on  Tuesday 10th January 19:42
2-0 Juan Mata 35
simon   said on  Tuesday 10th January 19:41
2-0 Man United, Pogba, 40 mins
Carl   said on  Tuesday 10th January 19:40
2-0 Rashford, 28 mins
TopJockey   said on  Tuesday 10th January 19:36
Man United 3-0 Mata 26 mins
HolyTennis   said on  Tuesday 10th January 19:33
Can I revert back to my original first scorer as Martial is on the bench haha 3-0 United Rashford 21 mins
cjtips   said on  Tuesday 10th January 19:27
MAN Utd 6-1 Hull Rooney FGS 13min
Hugh Orr   said on  Tuesday 10th January 19:04
Ibrahimovic 5-0 12 mins
CricChris   said on  Tuesday 10th January 16:01
Mhktariyan 2-0, 27 mins
nellberg   said on  Tuesday 10th January 15:29
3-1 Man Utd. Mata 19 mins
NeymarCric   said on  Tuesday 10th January 15:03
Man U,3-0 Mkhitaryan 26 mins
Mattybank   said on  Tuesday 10th January 14:49
Man UTD 4-0 Hull , Ibrahimovic , 23 mins.
Bazza   said on  Tuesday 10th January 14:46
3-0 Herrera 18 mins
George   said on  Tuesday 10th January 14:10
2-0 Pogba, 34 mins
Scott M   said on  Tuesday 10th January 13:01
Man Utd vs Hull city 4-1, Z.Ibrahimović 19 mins
VTgolf   said on  Tuesday 10th January 12:16
2-0 Man U Ibrahimovic 35 mins
Darren   said on  Tuesday 10th January 11:37
Can i change my first scorer to Martial please! Just seen the team news
cjtips   said on  Tuesday 10th January 11:04
3-0 ManU Ibrahimovic 25 mins
AussieTrev   said on  Tuesday 10th January 11:01
3-0 United Rashford 21 mins
cjtips   said on  Tuesday 10th January 10:19
1-0 ibrahimovic 60 mins
Paulostubbsio   said on  Tuesday 10th January 09:56
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