K.Kravchuk ranking on 20 Nov 2017 Under 115.5

Tennis - Season Bets - 01 Jan 10:00

Konstantin Kravchuk is a 31 year old regular at the Challenger level of the tour having spent most of his career grinding out wins at this level.

He has a very solid game all round, especially suited to faster hard courts, and has a consistently good mentality. This has just about allowed him to make a living from the game and survive most of his career.

His year end ranking for the last 10 years in reverse chronological order is as follows: 82, 139, 207, 178, 266, 181, 146, 240, 303, 384.

As you can see, it would have seemed a little strange to post this bet last year, and this breakdown is likely the reason for the line being 20 places higher than his current ranking.

Yet a line 20 points higher than your current ranking implies the bookies expect regression, when he had a breakthrough year in 2016 and though over 30 is playing the best tennis of career.

Indeed, a recent article documents his ambitions of staying in the top 100.

From having followed him all year I fully expect at least a top 100 showing for Kravchuk in 2017. His game and confidence has improved markedly and with him now being top 100 he will have access to more main level events and therefore more opportunities to gain ranking points.

If you read the article, or listen to interviews, Kravchuk really does come across as someone who fully appreciates and wants to take advantage of this opportunity late in his career. I'm happy investing.

TennisPilot +1904.45
Stake: 10 1.75Unibet

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