N.Watney v T.Woods

Tournament Match Bet - 07 Apr 12:45

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Tue 5th Apr 12:45

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  • This golf betting tip comes from the US Masters and the Tournament match bet between Nick Watney and
    Tiger Woods.

    What a price! I am backing Watney outright and you can read the reasons for that elsewhere on this site,but this
    bet is an absolute must.

    I can give you a number of stats, and I will, but here's the main one, this year Nick Watney is the world's best
    golfer according to the data we have available to us, Woods is onlyjust inside the top 100 at 93!

    Number 1 versus number 93 in a straight match betand number 1 is the outsider? My kind of odds.

    Let's have a look at the different parts of their game and their years ranking on tour for that component and see if
    we can find why Tiger is favourite.

    Driving, where you might understandablythink Tiger has an edge? No way; The combination of distance and
    accuracy off the tee ranks Watney at #37 and Woods #193.

    What about iron play? Greens in regulation; Watney #35 and Woods #57. So no, not there either.

    Around the greens then, so important in the Masters? Scrambling; Watney #4 and Woods #54 and bunker play;
    Watney #29 and Woods #129. Absolutely not.

    Tiger is great on the greens though, isn't he? Not this year and especially not when compared to one of the best
    putters in world golf! Putts per round;Watney #3 and Woods #86.

    Tiger has won this tournament 4 times and WAS an absolute phenomenon, if you think he still is then please
    refer to the above!

    He may get back there, but not for a minute do I believe he can arrest his form slump and just turn it on this
    weekend. In my opinion he is at least 6 months away from contesting a major again.

    This is a standout bet, if even now you still want to back Woods then don't go to the bookies, contact me and I'll
    beat Totesport's 1.73 no problem at all!

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    BK Betting Tip: Nick Watney to beat Tiger Woods over 72 Holes -

    2.15 @ Totesport


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