Hamilton -2.5 vs George

Darts - Grand Slam - 09 Nov 19:30

Directly following on from my opposing George yesterday, I'm backing another decent PDC player to bury him today.

To re-iterate, this lad is badly out of his depth here. He has barely played lately, and even back when he was a regular he was nowhere near the standard required to worry a PDC top 10 player.

Last year he lost all 3 matches in the group stage, including matches against Ronny Huybrechts and Christian Kist. In The BDO worlds, he was swept 3-0 by Robbie Green.

Last night, Taylor swept him 5-0 without breaking a sweat. George had one chance at a double, with 3 darts in hand, and bottled it. His Dad was laughing and joking throughout - it's clear that no-one expects Richie to do much here.

Andy Hamilton is not on great form himself, but is consistently averaging in the mid 90s - something George has never done.

This price has been coming in all morning. Get on now before it comes in further.
TheCount +205.00
Stake: 10 1.73Spread Ex
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Posted 4 years ago


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