Taylor v Painter Win, high c/o and most 180s

Darts - PDC World Championship - 28 Dec 22:00

Hear me out. I'm opposing Taylor in a big way in the outrights - I just don't think his head is right at all, and i wouldn't be remotely surprised to see Painter edge him out if he turns up as well as he did in Round One.

Painter averaged almost 93.5 in Round 1 against a no-hoper in Viljanen. He wasn't tested at all, and is very experienced on this stage.

Taylor, as I've said before, looked drunk after his match in Round 1. He said that his "career is gone" and seemed to want to pick a fight with the interviewer. He also revealed that he'd changed his darts 24 hrs before his match, allegedly to a set he'd happened to see when browsing online(!), and that he'd "not slept for four days". His confidence is shot. I'm hoping we'll see a proper battle here as a result.

Painter scored 4 180s to Taylor's 1 in Round One, in just one more leg.

Taylor did crash in a 167 in Round 1, but under zero pressure from Ono, which is a very different game. 7 of his other 8 c/os were at 82 or less.

One final note is that Taylor is an old man now. I was at the Ally Pally for his first game, and it is a furnace in there. I have no doubt that the new layout has raised temperatures - when you walk in during the latter stages, the heat hits you in a wave. Taylor's match is on last - he'll be hot and tired, and if his sleep is still disrupted, that doesn't make for good concentration.

Don't get me wrong - I know this is unlikely, but I think there's some value in it, and this is exactly the kind of bet that the lower stakes should be used for.
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Posted 3 years ago


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