Adrian Lewis - Average Under 98.5 v James Wade

Darts - Champions League of Darts - 24 Sep 14:20

In looking at the average marks for this week, it is clear that, based upon his averages so far this year, there has been an over estimation, as there often is, of Adrian Lewis's averages. So far this year, he has a combined average of just 94.56 over 46 matches this year.

What is even worse in terms of looking at his averages is that, when it comes to TV matches, of which he has played 39, he has an average of just 94.47.

His average in the Premier League was not totally without merit, with 96.44 from his 15 matches there. However, as per usual with Lewis, seemingly, his form has dropped off after the Matchplay (and even leading up to the Matchplay, it was highly questionable). He had a flourish in the wake of his success at the World Cup of Darts where, truth be told, he was lucky to face a far less mighty van Gerwen than usual.

Even in making the World Matchplay Semi Finals, at no point did Lewis average above this mark in his four matches. He strangely missed the European Tour events, thus meaning he failed to qualify for the European Championship (that he didn't go through the British qualifiers for this, with several poor players involved, was puzzling). His form in the Pro Tour events has been also very poor, with the last 16 being his best effort from these.

All truth be told, I feel this mark is at least two points too high. Certainly, you back against Lewis averaging above this mark with the warning he has averaged 110 in his career before. However, he has shown no signs of that form, and, as someone who largely seems to flourish in December in time for the World Championships and struggles to find the same form elsewhere throughout the year, I feel it is a worthwhile bet to back him to finish under this average mark.
Toby +73.60
Stake: 20 1.83Paddy Power
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