New Zealand v Australia - first scoring shot 6

Cricket - T20 - 21 Feb 06:00

Last bet on this game. Could be a massive anti climax.

Even in a T20 on most grounds this bet would be madness. But Eden park as boundaries as short as 45 metres, that is a mishit. Even at its biggest boundaries here are 15 or 20m shorter than average

Its already won once in this tri series, on a bigger ground than this, and its happened in the 2nd innings of another game (Munro)

so 2/14 innings does not equate to 25/1

All 4 openers swing from the hip so we arent reliant on the toss. With 9 fielders within 30 yards 1s and 2s are hard to come by.

6s amounted to almost 40% of the runs in the last game here 23 of them hit by the 4 men we are trusting.

leg byes, byes, wides and no balls do not count. Its first runs off the bat.
DRS +4717.87
Stake: 10 26.00
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Posted 10 months ago

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Andy Ward

Andy Ward (+2,632.18) bet £4.00 on this tip.


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