Warriors v Dolphins - Maharaj Most Economical bowler

Cricket - Ram Slam T20 - 22 Nov 15:30

This is a pretty grim looking and unimaginative 6 from SJ.

Tahir is 7/4 but he went at 10s in his one game so far. He goes at 7.33 in SA, and 7.82 in his last 82 matches in the last 3 years. In his last 11 games of franchise cricket he goes at nearly 9s.

I think that makes him one to oppose.

Maharaj goes at 7s in his 63 games career. 6.68 in SA, Yet he is 2x the price.

Phenkayo goes at 8s and is doing likewise in this competition he is also their end of innings bowler

Birch goes at 7.37 and around the same this year but opening the bowling is not a fun occupation, and most of his games are at a much lower standard.

Walters has gone at 7.8 in the last two years, and has the same problem as Birch.

Magala goes at 8s.

Warriors have been shellacked in their first two games. Beyond Smuts and Ingram their batting has nothing to speak of there number 6 averages 12! They have no specialist spinner and only 2 guys with more than 50 T20 wickets at better than 1 a game.

Dophins beat the Cobras then ran the Lions to the last ball. There batting is top heavy which suits us as all 3 of our guys will bowl 2 in the PP.

Equally the so is the Warriors, hopefully the top 3 can get a few of Andlie and then it becomes a spin off, and the stats say Maharaj at 7/2 is the better bet.
DRS +4476.77
Stake: 20 4.50
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