Titans v Cobras - Shamsi Most Economical bowler

Cricket - Ram Slam T20 - 19 Nov 12:00

Shamsi goes at 7.22, which is a little high for a spinner. But he has bowled 12 overs for 78 so far in this competition. That's 6.5.

Linde has bowled 6 overs for 51, and in his last 11 Ran Slam matches he has gone at well over 7.25, above his overall average of 6.61, most of which has been gathered at a lower standard.

Philander goes at 7.89 overall, 8 overs for 65 this year.

Steyn really has no business being here, he has played 2 games in a year, he has bowled 6 overs for 45 runs, so 7.5 runs an over.

Morkel has bowled 6 overs for 22 so far, but that is an anomoly, he did not even bowl in the last game and usually goes at 7.6. If he does bowl it will be up front to Levi and Amla.

Dane Paterson, bowled 8 overs for 82 so far.

What makes this bet is the batting lineups.

Titans have AB back as might Chris Morris, meaning they have 8 internationals in their lineup, including De Kock. That power all the way down is what I am relying on to whack the Cobras boys out of it.

Morkel and Steyn will bowl up front where Cobra's 2 best players are in Amla and Levi, but especially in the terms of the latter, he maybe out long before Shemsi gets a go.

Cobras also have several fatties / oldies in the field and that makes a difference. I mean in game 1 you had Levi Amla Kliendvelt Philander, Adams in the same side. With only 2 stand out fielders that can hurt you.

Shamsi should be fav, simple as, plays for the dominant side in the competition, bowls out of the PP.
DRS +4476.77
Stake: 20 4.50
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