Lions v Knights - Phangiso Most economical bowler

Cricket - Ram Slam T20 - 01 Dec 16:00

Oh Stan James when will you learn.

Leie went for 38 in his last game, plays for the outsiders for the match and all of a sudden he is 9/4? That is Narine territory.

He goes a 7.17 in Ram Slam which is good but not outstanding. He also bowled 1 of the last 5 overs which is not ideal either.

Rabada at 3.5 is equally silly. He goes at 7.58 bowls the 4 worst overs of the innings. No seam bowler should be 3.5 ever. He is also a bit of a wide and no ball merchant.

De Lange goes 8.5 in his career. Van Shadlwyk has gone 9s in his last 3 games

Viljion has all the same problems as Rabada and is probably a better bet than him at 7.5.

Phangiso has only bowled 12 overs in 5 games which does not bother me at all, less overs easier to maintain a lower economy rate.

Although he has gone at 7.8 this year in 99 games of Ram Slam cricket he has gone at 6.78. He is made for this market, finger spinner, accurate, middle overs, he does not take wickets, this is what he is in the side to do, keep the runs down.

Lions have also been in great form with the bat with 4 guys striking above 127, and 5x50s in 5 games. Knights have 3 and only 2 players have a score of 37 or more. Which is also why I cannot have Leie as fav.

At least a point too big.
DRS +4524.07
Stake: 20 3.50
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