Ventspils v Chalon/Saone

Basketball - Champions League - 24 Oct 17:00

Chalon/Saone definitely should not be the underdog in this game, despite the road game. I'm expecting quite close game between this two & with a later Chalon/Saone addition of Michael Gelabale, they are a bit stronger now, than they were at the start of the season, especially defensively. He already has played in 1 Champions League game for them, and team won 67:55 at home against Capo d'Orlando, while he had the best +/- on their team (+19) with 18 minutes on the court - instant impact. In addition, in the first game they were close to win against Neptunas on the road with 3/1 odds (lost 75:73) & that team was for sure a tougher one than they would face today.

Ventspils at the other hand won their first against Tenerife at home 73:72 as a quite clear underdog (+8.5 line) & lost on the road against Neptunas 87:80. Statistically they commit a bit more turnovers than Chalon/Saone (16 to 12.5) & basically all of the other stats are quite similar between them.

I'm really into backing a team that plays in a much tougher competition (France LNB) against the team that has no competition in their local league (Latvia LBL 6-0 record this year, 27-5 last year) & does not have much gaming practice against strong teams. Ventspils have played 3 games against Lithuanian clubs during preparation & lost 2 of them, only winning once by 1 point. To realise the level of these teams - Monaco (France LNB) team have beat one of these teams by 37 points just 2 weeks ago.

Chalon/Saone actually show some signs of waking up, after starting the season 0-6 in LNB & I believe they have a good chance of winning this game.

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