Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Rex Burkhead First Touchdown Scorer

American football - NFL - 04 Feb 23:30

Nick Foles was brilliant two weeks ago, but that same Nick Foles was shut out by the Cowboys in Week 16, he didn't play much but he looked shaky with some deer-in-headlights moments, the offense managed just 13 points against the Raiders and 15 points vs. the Falcons.

So logically you have to back a Patriot in this market despite the fact that they haven't scored a single point in the first quarter in their last 7 Superbowls, Titans/Jags also scored first against the Pats in the last 2 games.

I tipped Burkhead in Week 1, and I said he would get his fair share of goal-line carries this season, it didn't look like it at first with Gillislee scoring 4 TDs in the 1st 2 games, but Burkhead has established himself as the goal-line back in the 2nd part of the season and Gillislee was a healthy scratch for numerous weeks.

8 touchdowns in just 11 games, 6 of them were 1st TDs, including 5 in his last 7 games.

Price has something to do with him coming back from a knee injury two weeks ago and playing 2nd fiddle to Lewis/White, I'm not worried about Lewis, he is the lead back but he doesn't get many touches inside the 5/10.

White, on the other hand, is a threat, given his playoff record, he scored 3 TDs in last year's Superbowl at 500/1 out of nowhere, he has 6 touchdowns in his last 3 playoff games, but no rushing touchdowns in the regular season since 2015.

White is usually the 3rd down back, but he's been getting Burkhead's touches in the red zone, which is worrying, but I think the latter was limited against the Jags because he hadn't fully recovered. White looks too short for me anyway.

Of course someone else might score, but the Pats usually march down the field and their drives end up most of the time with one of the running backs plowing into the end zone, they have scored the 1st TD in 12/18 games.
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